Sterile, Green and virtually maintenance Free.

The Hybrid Steam Room®'s next-generation material combined with the Power Zone automated sanitation system prevents mold and bacteria from growing, leaving the Hybrid Steam Room clean and fresh daily. 

Completely Customizable.

You can choose numerous prints, colors, or even a high-resolution photo of your liking. You can also select one of our eight standard bench colors and include one, two, or three-tier benching on one or all walls of the steam room.

Steam Rooms 

are our specialization

the preferred choice for architects and club owners.

At Am-Finn, we are constantly innovating, and our Advanced Hybrid Steam Room (AHSR) is proof of it. Our AHSR features smooth engineered surfaces and ozone technology that automatically sterilizes and sanitizes the steam room to prevent the growth of mold/mildew and eliminate the use of toxic cleaning chemicals.

Unlike a traditional steam room made of tile, stone, or grout, which is the perfect environment to grow viruses and bacterias, the AHSR is built with a commercial-grade acrylic paneling system saving up to 50% energy and allowing to customize the steam room walls. 

We understand the challenges of adding a steam room into a gym, hotel, resort, fitness center... For this reason, our AHSR is cost-efficient and energy-saving. Additionally, we design, manufacture, provide owner's training manual and steam room installation.

Traditional Steam Room
Advanced Hybrid Steam Room

Know The Difference

Traditional Steam Room

  • Cleaning Staff Needed

  • Expensive Maintenance

  • Long Installation (1-2 weeks)

  • High Energy Costs. Require up to twice as much energy to maintain a room at the proper temperature.

  • Toxic and harsh cleaning chemicals needed to clean and sanitize. 

  • Not Customizable

  • Requires thick CMU walls or concrete substrates that will continually absorb the heat from the steam room.

  • Tile, stone, and grout steam rooms are the perfect environment to grow viruses and bacteria.

Advanced Hybrid Steam Room®

  • Advanced Self-Cleaning Technology

  • Low Maintenance

  • Easy and Fast Installation (24 hours)*

  • Energy and Cost Efficient (Up to 30% 

    compared to tile steam rooms) 

  • Eco-Friendly

  • Customizable panel color ,prints, size, and benches.

  • No insulation required

  • Chromotherapy Feature

  • Sterile. PowerZone® technology prevents the grow of of mold, viruses and bacteria. 

  • Manufactured with high quality commercial grade materials